DB tuning

  • seth

    seth - 2012-10-06

    I'm a new comer. I have a server box with 32 CPU and 256G RAM. what's the tuning point? could any one help me?

  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2012-10-06

    Your server seems pretty capable - does it have an IO subsystem to match?

    What do you mean by "what's the tuning point?"  If you want help in tuning the application, you will need to share more information about the application.

    - Bhaskar

  • seth

    seth - 2013-02-03

    Storage: Netapp FC storage.
    CPU: IBM Power 7 , 32 core
    RAM: 256 GB
    OS: AIX 6.1
    any ideas for the box? for OS, for GT.M, any post would be appreciation.

  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2013-02-03

    Seth, GT.M for AIX is not free / open source software (it is available under a more traditional user-based license, not free). You will need a box that runs Linux on x86 hardware (preferably 64-bit) if you want to use the FOSS version of GT.M.

    -- Bhaskar

  • seth

    seth - 2013-06-10

    ok,thanks. I changed it.


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