Unable to start the GTM server

Shilpa R
  • Shilpa R

    Shilpa R - 2008-06-23

        I am newbie for the GTM database. I have installed the GT.M database by following the instructions in the Admin guide. Now when i run the sever using the gtmstart i am getting the following error:

          Mon Jun 23 11:25:22 2008 : ./gtcm_gnp_server [pid : 19839]
          %GTM-E-NETFAIL, Failure of Net operation
          %GTM-I-TEXT, Network interface initialization failed
          %CMI-E-NOSERVENT, Sevices data lookup failure

    Can anybody suggest where i am going wrong??

    • K.S. Bhaskar

      K.S. Bhaskar - 2008-07-07

      Shilpa --

      If you are a newbie, may I ask why you are trying to start a GT.CM server?  Please tell us what you are trying to do, rather than how you are trying to do it.

      Have you gone through the GT.M Acculturation live CD?  If not, that is a good place to start.  Download the CD ISO image (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/fis-gtm/GT.MAcculturation0.4.iso).  Burn it and boot it on a PC with a 512MB or larger USB flash drive and go through the exercises.  Errata: where it says to use the parameter count=716800 for the dd command (it will be obvious when you get there), use count=800000 (or more, depending on your USB drive).

      You may also find the Administration and Operations Guide (http://www.fidelityinfoservices.com/user_documentation/AdminOpsUNIX/UNIX_A_O/index.html) to be of interest, especially Chapter 3.

      -- Bhaskar


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