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  • Richard Chappell


    I am hoping someone can help me, being a newbie to gt.m I am struggling with a pattern match

    I have a global as followings

    ^REF(1,"123456 ABC")=4
    ^REF(1,"223456 SZZ")=76
    ^REF(1,"223456 VZZ")=45
    ^REF(1,"223456 FZZ")=33
    ^REF(1,"123456 AB")=2
    ^REF(1,"123456 ABZ")=1

    I know, I can use ZWRITE to return the global for example

    ZWRITE ^REF(1,"123456 ABZ")

    and it returns

    ^REF(1,"123456 ABZ")=1

    how would I return all ^REF globals containing 123456 (in the 2nd sub) i.e.

    ZWRITE ^REF(1,"123456*") <* being a pattern to say and anything following 12345>, so it would return

    ^REF(1,"123456 ABC")=4
    ^REF(1,"123456 ZZZ")=3
    ^REF(1,"123456 AB")=2
    ^REF(1,"123456 ABZ")=1

    Regard Richard.

  • tmr

    tmr - 2012-01-04


    Globals and their indices are one of the most important things and it really matters how you define their structure - think about how you are going to use them first!

    In your case, I'd recommend one or mix of the following:

    (1) redesign your global (or local) array to look like this: ^REF(1,"123456","ABC")
    Then you can mix $Order function on 3rd level and direct access via ^REF(1,123456,<something>).
    It is much faster, but everything depends on your needs and considerations.

    (2) if you really want to "filter" array (global or local) at some level of subscript keys, you can use $Order function in conjunction with '[' operator, as follows:

    S X="" F  S X=$O(^REF(1,X)) Q:X=""  W:(X["123456 A") X,!



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