• George James

    George James - 2011-10-20

    When I perform a MUPIP EXTRACT using binary format on a very large database (350 GB) I immediately get a %SYSTEM-E-ENO14 Bad Address error.

    Here's a transcript of the session along with some info about the database and the environment:

    $ mupip extract -format=BIN -select=changeset cs.extract
    %SYSTEM-E-ENO14, Bad address
    MUPIP is not able to complete the extract due the the above error
    WARNING!!! Extract file cs.extract is incomplete!
    $ ls -al changeset.dat
    -rw-rw-rw- 1 xxx users 387589793280 Oct 20 07:26 changeset.dat
    $ ls -alh changeset.dat
    -rw-rw-rw- 1 xxx users 361G Oct 20 07:26 changeset.dat
    $ dse
    File    changeset.dat
    Region  CHANGESET
    DSE> d -f
    File            changeset.dat
    Region          CHANGESET
    Date/Time       20-OCT-2011 07:27:02 [$H = 62384,26822]
      Access method                          BG  Global Buffers                  64
      Reserved Bytes                          0  Block size (in bytes)        65024
      Maximum record size                  4080  Starting VBN                   129
      Maximum key size                      255  Total blocks            0x005AF40E
      Null subscripts                     NEVER  Free blocks             0x0029D100
      Standard Null Collation             FALSE  Free space              0x00000000
      Last Record Backup     0x0000000000000001  Extension Count              65535
      Last Database Backup   0x0000000000000001  Number of local maps         11643
      Last Bytestream Backup 0x0000000000000001  Lock space              0x00000028
      In critical section            0x00000000  Timers pending                   0
      Cache freeze id                0x00000000  Flush timer            00:00:01:00
      Freeze match                   0x00000000  Flush trigger                   60
      Current transaction    0x00000005247789C0  No. of writes/flush              7
      Maximum TN             0xFFFFFFFFE3FFFFFF  Certified for Upgrade to        V5
      Maximum TN Warn        0xFFFFFFFF73FFFFFF  Desired DB Format               V5
      Master Bitmap Size                    112  Blocks to Upgrade       0x00000000
      Create in progress                  FALSE  Modified cache blocks            0
      Reference count                         1  Wait Disk                        0
      Journal State               [inactive] ON  Journal Before imaging        TRUE
      Journal Allocation                   2048  Journal Extension             2048
      Journal Buffer Size                  2159  Journal Alignsize             2048
      Journal AutoSwitchLimit           8386560  Journal Epoch Interval         300
      Journal Yield Limit                     8  Journal Sync IO              FALSE
      Journal File: changeset.mjl
      Mutex Hard Spin Count                 128  Mutex Sleep Spin Count         128
      Mutex Spin Sleep Time                2048  KILLs in progress                0
      Replication State                     OFF  Region Seqno    0x0000000000000001
      Zqgblmod Seqno         0x0000000000000000  Zqgblmod Trans  0x0000000000000000
      Endian Format                      LITTLE  Commit Wait Spin Count          16
      Database file encrypted             FALSE
    DSE> exit
    GTM>w $zv
    GT.M V5.4-001 Linux x86_64
  • George James

    George James - 2011-10-20

    Further investigation suggests that this is somehow related to the blocksize of the database.

    Extract works for all my databases that have a 4k blocksize, but gives the ENO14 error for all my databases that have a 64k blocksize.

    Is this a known problem with this version of GT.M?

  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2011-10-21

    It perhaps means that a shared memory quota is not large enough.  Remember that the size of the shared memory segment needed is the block size times the number of global buffers plus some overhead for control structures.  In any case, a block size of 65,024 certainly is not tested as thoroughly as more common block sizes.  Also, if I remember correctly, we have a recommendation not to use before image journaling on block sizes larger than either 16KB or 32KB, I forget which.

    If you really need such a large block size, using MM access method may be a cleaner alternative.  But it does restrict you to NOBEFORE journaling.

  • George James

    George James - 2011-10-21

    Thanks, Bhaskar

    I really do need the 64k blocksize, unless I somehow split my globals across databases.

    I've been using before image journalling without any problem, so far.  That includes performing multiple rollbacks without any trouble.  There's a warning about stream backups with 64k blocksizes, but I've not read anything about a limitation on before image journaling:

    $ mupip create -reg=C
    %GTM-W-MUNOSTRMBKUP, Database c.dat has a block size larger than 32256 and thus cannot use stream (incremental) backup

    The shared memory requirement is for only 64 global buffers, so 64 x 64k = 4MB.  But I have shmmax set to 4GB which ought to be enough.  Are there any other kernel settings that should be increased?

  • K.S. Bhaskar

    K.S. Bhaskar - 2011-10-25

    On my laptop, I just successfully created a database with a 65,024 byte block size and successfully extracted data from it in both BIN and ZWR formats.  Of course, I had far, far, less data than your 361GB.  To help debug, could you please:

    1. Verify that you have adequate space in your file system.
    2. Try with a small database - maybe just a few nodes - but a 65,024 byte block size.

    Thank you very much.

    • Bhaskar
  • George James

    George James - 2011-11-08

    1) Plenty of free space on the file system.  226GB.
    2) I tried creating a fresh database and populated it with just a small amount of data.  I get exactly the same problem.  Here's the transcript for verification that I didn't do anything silly:

    /data$ $gde
    %GDE-I-LOADGD, Loading Global Directory file
    %GDE-I-VERIFY, Verification OK
    GDE> add -seg test -file=test.dat
    GDE> cha -seg test -block=65024
    GDE> sh -seg test
                                    *** SEGMENTS ***
     Segment                         File (def ext: .dat)Acc Typ Block      Alloc Exten Options
     TEST                            test.dat            BG  DYN 65024        100   100 GLOB=1024
                                                                                        LOCK=  40
                                                                                        RES =   0
    GDE> add -reg test -dyn=test
    GDE> add -name test -reg=test
    GDE> exit
    %GDE-I-VERIFY, Verification OK
    %GDE-I-GDUPDATE, Updating Global Directory file
    /data$ $mupip create -reg="TEST"
    %GTM-W-MUNOSTRMBKUP, Database /iscsidata/xapi/data/test.dat has a block size larger than 32256 and thus cannot use stream (incremental) backup
    Created file /data/test.dat
    /data$ $gtm
    GT.M Rock solid, lightning fast
    GT.M V5.4-001 Linux x86_64
    GTM>zwr ^test
    %GTM-E-GVUNDEF, Global variable undefined: ^test
    GTM>f x=1:1:10000 s ^test(x)=$j("",100)
    /data$ $mupip extract -format=bin -select="^test"
    Output File: test.bin
    %SYSTEM-E-ENO14, Bad address
    MUPIP is not able to complete the extract due the the above error
    WARNING!!! Extract file test.bin is incomplete!

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