%GTM-E-GDINVALID, Unrecognized Global Directo

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    Anonymous - 2012-02-24

    Hi there,
    I am learning about gt.m and mumps.

    Here is what I did so far  :

    get the version http://sourceforge.net/projects/fis-gtm/

    tar -xzf gtm_V55000_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz
    chmod +x semstat2 mupip mumps lke gtmsecshr gtcm_shmclean gtcm_server gtcm_play gtcm_pkdisp gtcm_gnp_server geteuid ftok dse
    mkdir example

      ../mumps -r GDE

    %GDE-I-GDUSEDEFS, Using defaults for Global Directory

    GDE>  change -s DEFAULT -f=/home/mdupont/experiments/fosm/gt.m/example/
    GDE> exit
    %GDE-I-VERIFY, Verification OK

    %GDE-I-GDCREATE, Creating Global Directory file

    now this creates a v6 version of gld, which mupip does not like.
    strings mumps.gld  | head -1

    But mupip expects a 7 not 6 !

      ../mupip create
    %GTM-E-GDINVALID, Unrecognized Global Directory file format: /home/mdupont/experiments/fosm/gt.m/example/mumps.gld, expected label: GTCGBDUNX007, found: GTCGBDUNX006

    If i just edit the file and replace the 6 with a 7,
      ../mupip create
    This works!

    Now i have a dat file, and go to gtm to save something :
    GTM>s ^foo("blah")=1
    %GTM-E-GDINVALID, Unrecognized Global Directory file format: /home/mdupont/experiments/fosm/gt.m/example/mumps.gld, expected label: GTCGBDUNX006, found: GTCGBDUNX007

    Oh so that wants a v6, so good thing i backed up the old, one, i replace it .

    GTM>s ^foo("blah")=1

    that works
    GTM>zwr ^foo(*)

    So the data is stored.

    Can anyone please explain this? in detail? why does mupip operate with a different version number?
    note, I did not run any other commands, I am just learning and dont want to execute any huge install routines a root that I dont understand.


    also posted here :


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