Jiri Kulhan - 2005-10-13

[Crossposted to comp.lang.mumps and GT.M project forums on sourceforge]


is anyone using GT.M on an AIX machine with operating system 5.x with enabled "extended shmat"? I am looking for any recommendations, issues, experiences...

If you are not sure, you can check value of EXTSHM environment variable for the account using GT.M application:

user[/home/user]> echo $EXTSHM

If the value displayed is 1 or ON, then the "extended SHMAT" is enabled and I would like to know your story, so please contact me on my email. Even if you do not have any issues, I'd like to know (I'm looking for good news :-)).

Thank you in advance,
Jiri Kulhan

jiri <at> kulhan <dot> cz