Default Location of mumps.dat DB file

  • rnetmans

    rnetmans - 2005-09-21

    I am having problems getting various users to see the same mumps.dat file.  Here's my setup:

    gtmroutines='. $gtm_dist'
    [rms@fedora1 gtm]$ PWD

    and here's what happens:

    [rms@fedora1 ~]$ alias gtm='mumps -direct'
    [rms@fedora1 ~]$ gtm

    GTM>d ^%G

    Output device: <terminal>:

    List ^?D

    Global Directory

    Global ^

    start+1^%GSEL,%GTM-E-DBFILERR, Error with database file /home/rms/mumps.dat,%SYSTEM-E-ENO2, No such file or directory

    List ^

    [rms@fedora1 ~]$

    My mumps.dat file is actually located in /usr/local/gtm/mumps.dat.  Hoow do I fix this.  I've read through all the docs, and probably just missing something silly.  Thanks in advance for any help.

    • Dr. Martin Lehr

      Dr. Martin Lehr - 2005-09-21

      In your Global directory ($gtmgbldir/mumps.gld) the file for the segment is (i suppose so because this is the default) only mumps.dat
      --> no full pathname!

      Because of this the mumps.dat file should be found
      in your working directory, NOT in $gtmgbldir

      You can check this by starting GDE
      $gtmgbldir/mumps -r GDE 
      at the GDE> prompt type:
      GDE> SH

      of course it is possible to specify a full pathname:
      for example:
      GDE>C - S default -F=/usr/local/gtm/mumps.dat

      M. Lehr

    • rnetmans

      rnetmans - 2005-09-22

      Thanks for answering what was a newb question.  Worked like a charm, although I usedd the command line:
      $gtm_dist/mumps -r GDE
      (that is rather than gtmgbldir/mumps -r GDE)

      Thanks again.


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