S. Rigaud - 2007-11-07

Good evening,
In fact I'd like to store textual information in globals.
Some of the files I want to load up GT.M globals are more
than 100 kb.

A slight problem I'm facing now: I read that a record size
cannot be bigger than the DB block size - but the latter
can have a max. length of 64 kb only...
I have 2 questions:
1/ How could I deal with this issue (store large texts
  that for some will span several blocks, and thus
  will have to be stored in "sub-globals" of some kinds) ?
  I'm considering to do the following:
  - compute the length of my text
  - if it's bigger than 64K
    take the first 64K bytes
      store them in a first global
    take the remaining bytes
      store them in another global related to the previous
  - if not simply store it right away

2/ Is there a way to index my texts/my globals once they
  are populated with these texts ?
  How could I retrieve a global whose text contains
  somwhere the strings "measles" for example ? (I
  want to *quickly* retrieve it of course !)

Any body ever had to address that kind of stuff using
GT.M perhaps ?

Thanks a lot...