Correct way to shut down GT.M

  • robtweed

    robtweed - 2006-12-03

    I've read the docs but I have to say they're not entirely clear.  I need to implement an automated process to cleanly shut down our EWD Virtual Appliance (Ubuntu LAMP server + GT.M 5.1-000 running as a VMWare VM).  To date I've just used "shutdown -h now" which, for me, has never resulted in problems when I boot the VM again, but I suspect I should be more cleanly closing down GT.M processes and running down the GT.M databases.

    Is this what I should be doing, and, if so, could someone give me the commands I need to invoke?

    Many thanks

    Rob Tweed
    M/Gateway Developments

    • LD Landis

      LD Landis - 2006-12-05


        Because of the relationship of this and that of setting the
        exec-shield on startup... please see the reply to your question
        see more details under:

        RE: Signal 11 errors in Ubuntu Linux SHUTDOWN
        By: LD Landis (ldl) - 2006-12-05 22:10

        Mainly, have a script in /etc/init.d named something like
        gtm-rundown, which contains what it takes to run (note that
        this likely includes the sourcing of <gtm_dir>/gtmprofile):

        mupip rundown -region "*"

        Then put symbolic link of something like (foreach # runlevel 0-6):
        # cd /etc/rc#.d
        # ln -s ../init.d/gtm-rundown K50gtm-rundown




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