Getting started

  • Graham

    Graham - 2008-09-27

    Silly nubie question: I have Ubuntu 8.04. Which download file do I need? I assume it's gtm_V53002_linux_i686_pro.tar.gz ? And once downloaded is it just a question of expanding the archive - but where to? Sorry but I've only ever installed software using the package manager before...

    Thanks - Graham

    • Jens Wulf

      Jens Wulf - 2008-09-28

      The package you selected is ok.

      I think you should unpack it in a folder like /usr/local/bin/gtm

      then you should download "GT.M-x86-UNIX-AdminOpsGuide" - there are several hints how to get started.

      • K.S. Bhaskar

        K.S. Bhaskar - 2008-09-28

        Since GT.M has an assigned name from may I suggest installing it in /opt/lsb-gtm/V5.3-0002_i686?

        -- Bhaskar

    • Graham

      Graham - 2008-09-28

      Thanks Jens. I reckon that's enough to get me going.

      Cheers G :)

    • abe

      abe - 2008-10-18

      I'm 'newbi grande' in both Linux (Ubuntu 8) and GT.M .
      After download, extract, and running configure (all seemed to go well) running 'sh gtmbase' sends the message
      "Updating your login files to support GT.M. You must log out
      and log back in for these changes to take effect."

      I'm unble to start MUMPS or get to a MUMPS prompt.

      Have I missed a step?

      • Jens Wulf

        Jens Wulf - 2008-10-18

        Maybe it's not the official way, but i do it like that:

        sudo su
        unpack the gtm-install-file in the /tmp dir


        Then edit the file /etc/bash.bashrc and add the following lines at the end:

        export gtm_dist="/opt/fis-gtm" (or whatever directory you choosed)
        export gtmroutines="$gtm_dist /var/gtmroutines" (Blank-char after $gtm_dist!)
        export gtmgbldir="$gtm_dist/gtm.gld"
        alias gtm="$gtm_dist/mumps -di"
        alias mupip="$gtm_dist/mupip"
        alias lke="$gtm_dist/lke"
        alias gde="$gtm_dist/mumps -r ^GDE"
        alias dse="$gtm_dist/dse"

        then open new terminal window and start gde
        >sudo su
        # gde

        leave gde with exit and create the database with

        # mupip create

        after this you can start gtm with
        > gtm

        it works like this here, maybe someone knows better, i like to learn too...



    • abe

      abe - 2008-10-21

      Jens, thank you!  That's got me going.


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