Informations about other running GT.M Jobs

Jens Wulf
  • Jens Wulf

    Jens Wulf - 2003-10-22

    Is it possible to get information about other running GT.M-Jobs ?
    I need the information if a created Job is still running (within GT.M)


    • Dr. Martin Lehr

      Dr. Martin Lehr - 2003-10-23

      Hello Jens,

      this can be done, but you have
      to use some indirect way
      Something like this:

      ZSY "ps -A|grep mumps>/tmp/mjobs.dat"

      After that you have to investigate mjobs.dat
      If you want I can give you further details


      • Jens Wulf

        Jens Wulf - 2003-10-23

        This is a help for me - i think i can work with this



        • K.S. Bhaskar

          K.S. Bhaskar - 2003-10-23


          I have posted to Source Forge a document on how to package existing GT.M functionality to create a Job Examine / System Status that users of other M implementations may be more familiar with.

          -- Bhaskar

          • George James

            George James - 2007-11-17

            This link doesn't appear to work anymore.  (Nor do any of the others in the documentation section).

            Is it possible to re-post it somewhere please?


            • K.S. Bhaskar

              K.S. Bhaskar - 2007-11-19

              I am not sure what happened to it on Source Forge, George, but there is a copy at
     (caveat - the whitespace at line beginnings appears to have been eaten, so you may need to reformat).  I'll try to get this into the user documentation.

              -- Bhaskar

    • S. Rigaud

      S. Rigaud - 2007-11-18

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