Licensing question

  • Mike Simpson

    Mike Simpson - 2005-05-02


    I'm involved in the OpenVetMed project and I'm trying to sell the folks there on the merits of using GT.M and WorldVistA.  The license here says its GPL, but some folks say that we must pay Sanchez for the right to license.  Is this true?

    • K.S. Bhaskar

      K.S. Bhaskar - 2005-05-02

      GT.M on x86 GNU/Linux. which you can download from Source Forge, is indeed open source free software available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).  Although the license is free, we do sell support on a commercial basis: indeed, our business model for GT.M on x86 GNU/Linux is based on selling services.  [Free support is provided by the GT.M community through the Source Forge forums.]

      On other platforms (proprietary UNIX systems and OpenVMS), GT.M is not open source, and not free.  It is traditionally licensed, but reasonably priced.  On these platforms, GT.M cannot be downloaded from Source Forge.

      -- Bhaskar

      • Mike Simpson

        Mike Simpson - 2005-05-02

        I thought that was the case.  Thank you for clearing that up.


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