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  • Bill Walton

    Bill Walton - 2008-08-12


    I'm looking for a database that can import XML files and then provide access to that stored data via SQL queries.  Can GT.M do that?


    • K.S. Bhaskar

      K.S. Bhaskar - 2008-08-12

      Bill --

      When you import XML files, are they directly stored in M globals with an ad hoc structure?  Fileman files?  You may want to look at PIP ( & downloadable from\).  PIP is free / open source software layered on top of GT.M that provides SQL+JDBC access and more.  You could create SQL tables and map the columns to the M globals / Fileman files for access.

      -- Bhaskar

      • Bill Walton

        Bill Walton - 2008-08-12


        Thanks for the quick reply.  I've looked at the PIP project. That's what led to my initial question.  So I guess this is a 'could you say more about the mechanics' type question.  What do you mean when you say "with an ad hoc structure"?  Is there a newbie-understandable document that would explain the how the elements in the XML file get mapped / assigned to the globals and how the globals get named?  Also, is it possible to have the globals defined via an XSD rather than individual XML instances?

        Thanks much,


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