• George James

    George James - 2001-09-10

    One of the biggest obstacles I have that has  prevented me spending time with GT.M is that I usually work on a laptop running Windows.

    I've had GT.M available on a server for some time but most of my free/idle time is when I'm away from the network.

    Well, I just changed all that.  I've just installed VMware on my laptop.  This enables me to run Linux as a host operating system inside Windows.  (Vice versa is also possible but I've not tried it).

    If one of the impediments to trying GT.M is that you don't have a Linux server handy then it's worth giving VMware a try (www.vmware.com).  Its not free. You can get a 30 day eval download and the full license is about USD 300.


    • RB

      RB - 2009-03-27

      VMWare is excellent if you plan to use the guest OS for testing purposes (test connectivity, test apps etc) however for general usage, Sun's VirtualBox is the answer. It's free and of course very simple to use. It doesnt contain all the complex features of VMWare but it does the job if you want to get your hands dirty on GT.M Linux.


      Take a look!


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