#60 gtmshr call-in library changes terminal settings

Steve Zeck

Using gtm_init() or gtm_ci() functions in the gtmshr
call-in library seems to change the terminal settings.

Specifically, these terminal settings are changed
(there may be others):

brkint -> ON (breaks cause interrupt signal)
time 0 -> time 8 (character read timeout set to 8ms)
ircnl -> OFF (disables cr->nl translation)
icanon -> OFF (disables terminal shortcut keys)
echo -> OFF (disables character echo. this is the most
annoying one)
imaxbel -> ON (??)

There doesn't seem to be a way to avoid the terminal
setting changes. A '$ /bin/stty sane' command will fix
them after using a C program that calls-in to mumps.


  • Steve Zeck

    Steve Zeck - 2005-01-14
    • summary: gtmshr call-in library trashes terminal settings --> gtmshr call-in library changes terminal settings
  • Malleswara Rao P

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Steve,
    We've identified a GT.M bug with call-ins that causes the
    terminal settings to be retained from GT.M instead of
    restoring from the values before invocation. We've created a
    tracking number (S9F01-002524) to fix this in a future
    release. Meanwhile, please use the workaround you already
    mentioned (stty sane).

    Thank you for reporting the problem,


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