You can make all the feature requests you want. It has been YEARS since anyone updated this excellent program.

Kind of sad, I used it for years to build custom router boxes with very flexible firewalls.
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From: teique <>
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 3:12 PM
Subject: [Firestarter-user] requesting needed security features


(is this the right place to ask for them?) Here:

1) require super user password to STOP firewall (preventing miss "in a
hurry" clicking)

2) option to forbid STOPping firewall in preferences (to change
preferences will request su pw)

3) shortcut to LOCK firewall (Ctrl+L ?) (and place the lock far from
stop button)

4) auto-append EVENTS to a file (I need to know all blocked attempts,
but to have to save them manually is complicated;

5) deactivateable POLICIES (rules) without removing them from the list,
so we can reactivate later;
also, add a comment column, so I can put the name/ID/machineID of the
person I added the rule to...

6) request su pw to change/apply firewall POLICIES (rules)!

7) log (appending to a file) all ACCEPTED connections, and how long they
were active; currently they disappear a bit after disconnection, so I
cant track what is happening...

PS.: I know we already run it as root, but, the point is it is a
monitoring application that is running all the time; so to re-request
the su pw, is important to me.


my 1st post: FireStarter ROCKS! thx! xD

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