Corbin - 2004-08-16

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The log file is the system's logfile which logs a whole lot of other
stuff... I looked at the code and just really combining the parser and
the part that is used when you "copy" a hit could be made to make a
nice formated file to be e-mailed though. The e-mail thing I have no
clue how to do.

I would work on this (seems like a nice feature, though I wouldn't use it
ATM). Though as I found out when I tried to make a non-root patch:

1. I don't have the GNOME header files needed to compile FireStarter
2. The log file is only accessable by root (ok this won't matter here).

I really would like to work on these features, but the header files can't
be installed! (all because my version of ALSA-libs is newer than the
version of ALSA-libs devel files)