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Release 0.9b - Applet configuration, lists management

Release 0.9b - Enhanced applet configuration, enhanced lists management (genre/artist tag separator),...

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-12-29

Release 0.8b - Library autoloading, applet version, genre...

Release 0.8b - Library autoloading, applet version, genre panel, criteria search. This release corrects some bugs, one more language (IT thanks to Christian)

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-12-24

Release 0.7b - Multi-column sorting, scrobbling,...

Release 0.7b - Multi-column sorting/ scrobbling support

This release corrects some bugs, adds multi-columns sorting functionnality, adds scrobbling support and offers two more languages (DE and NL thanks to William and Thorsten)

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-10-24

Release 0.6b - Advanced playlist support

This release corrects many bugs and add an advanced static playlist support.

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-03-01

Release 0.3b - Added ogg and flac support...

Release 0.3b
- Added ogg and flac support
- simplified library loading dialogs
- Manage 'UNknown artist' and 'Unknown album'
- Fix seeking to 0 problem with MP3
- Minor fixes
- ...

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-01-10

Release 0.2b - RSP driven version

I have just released a new version of FireflyClient : 0.2b

This new release uses RSP instead of DAAP which should solve some problems with most recent version of Firefly Media Server (e.g. on NSLU2).

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-01-06

First release v0.1b1

This is the first release of Firefly Client, the Java client for Firefly Media Server.

Posted by Vincent Cariven 2008-01-02