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PHP Developer Needed

Long Description:
Your tasks:
-Develop the program.
-Enhance the program.

Your profile:
- you are creative and always eager to implement new features
- you like quality and want to see this project robust and save
- you are a good communicator and like to lead the build team

- good oop/php skills
- basic knowledge of base64

If you are interested in doing something open source, write an email to cgrim29588. This project is not very active at the moment, but we are hoping to bring this project back into life soon.... read more

Posted by Casey Grim 2005-12-06

Project Manager Needed!!!!


I recently started a project call Firefly BBS and bulletin board system and I'm looking for project manager. Firefly BBS still in the very early planning stages and understand that some projects take a lot of time and effort to develop.

We are in need of a project manager who can do the following:

1) Manage various features such as trackers, forums, etc... This includes creation of categories, moderation, etc...... read more

Posted by Casey Grim 2005-12-06