I am using FbClient, v4.0.30319  with VisualStudio 2012.  I am experiencing an intermittent error that I wonder if anyone else has had or could tell me how to address.  

Here is my connection string:
User=******;Password=******;Database=CBT;DataSource=localhost;Port=3050;Dialect=3;Charset=UTF8;Role=;Connection lifetime=15;Pooling=true;MinPoolSize=0;MaxPoolSize=50;

This is a development environment so I am constantly starting and stopping the Db connection.

At some point during every day, after creating the FbConnection, I then Open.  It apparently throws an error, but my try/catch doesn't catch it.  The only way to recover is to restart VS2012, or change the connection string.

I've checked the event logs on the dev computer, but it doesn't give me any clue.  

One question I do have, should I be using the connection pooling options in the connection string with an ado.net client?  Other than that, I've no idea what could be causing the issue.

Dixon Epperson