It came to my mind because building on Sun, I had a bunch of problems using ./configure, including a core dump related with HAVE___THREAD. After switching to ./, I've got a working set of execs (I'll share results later).

Here are notes about building Rel 59735 on HP. Actually, all issues (except the 1st one)  I had also during build of

1)  As I mentioned, I don't have automake*, etc. installed on this box, so I had to use ./configure. But it was not present in .../, so I've copied it from corresponding AIX build.
Using ./configure also required to copy other 3 files from AIX into .../builds/ config.sub, and config.guess. After that, ./configure passed.

2) Error related with icu library (I had it during previous builds also):

Warning: Found path 'uconvmsg_' in file name. Assuming compatibility (-E) mode.
gmake[6]: Entering directory `/build/fasbuild/ws/TEST/Firebird-'
gmake[6]: *** No rule to make target `uconvmsg/uconvmsg_dat.o)', needed by `uconvmsg/libuconvmsg.a'.  Stop.
The following trick worked for me:
I went to
and run
./configure --disable-extras

Then copied *.* from .../extern/icu/source/lib to .../gen/firebird/lib.

Then went back to .../ and run gmake for the whole project.

3) Errors related with guid.h (I had it during previous builds also, this error doesn't happen on AIX, only warning):
/../jrd/os/guid.h", line 51: warning #2064-D: declaration does
          not declare anything
                struct  // Compatible with Win32 GUID struct layout.
"../src/include/../jrd/os/guid.h", line 52: warning #3055-D: types cannot be
          declared in anonymous unions
"../src/jrd/os/posix/guid.cpp", line 73: error #2135: class "FB_GUID" has no
          member "data3"
        guid->data3 = (4 << 12) | (guid->data3 & 0xFFF);        // version 4
"../src/jrd/os/posix/guid.cpp", line 74: error #2135: class "FB_GUID" has no
          member "data4"
        guid->data4[0] = 0x80 | (guid->data4[0] & 0x3F);        // variant
4 errors detected in the compilation of "../src/jrd/os/posix/guid.cpp".

I just commented struct { } (probably it could be embrased with #ifdef .../ #endif if it's for Windows compatibility):

          //struct     // Compatible with Win32 GUID struct layout.
               ULONG data1;
               USHORT data2;
               USHORT data3;
               UCHAR data4[8];

According to the code which uses this structure, looks like it's safe.

4) ld: Unrecognized argument: +concatrpath  (I had it during previous builds also):

Looks like this linker option (+concatrpath) is valid for HP-UX PA RISC, but not IA64.
To resolve, I just removed this part of linker flags definition: "-Wl,+concatrpath" in

5)  Error related with ./builds/posix/empty.vers (I had it during previous builds also):
aCC  +DD64 -Wl,-c,../builds/posix/empty.vers  -D_REENTRANT -mt  -Wl,+b,lib -Wl,+b,intl -AA +e  ../temp/std/remote/server_stub.o -o ../gen/firebird/bin/fb_inet_server -L../gen/firebird/lib -lfbembed  -lrt -latomic -lm   -lcurses -licuuc -licudata -licui18n
ld: I/O error, file "{": No such file or directory
Fatal error.
Again, looks like aCC doesn't understand it. As I did before, just commented the content of this file to resolve this error. 

I'm pretty sure that you would find more elegant ways to resolve these issues.



On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 2:32 AM, Alex Peshkoff <> wrote:
On 06/19/14 19:59, vv m wrote:
> Still can't get the snapshot. I see "Generating snapshot..." and it takes
> forever.
> For sure, when I get it, I'll run builds on AIX and HP and let you know.

Can you try to
svn co svn://

> Currently I'm working on build for Sun SPARC.
> One detail - I don't have automake installed on HP, so I used directly
> ./configure. Could it be the reason why HAVE___THREAD definition was missed?

No, that's not a reason. And (as far as I remember) HAVE___THREAD is
present in generated by configure autoconfig.h, but explicitly undefined
in common.h. Anyway - use of configure from other system is absolutely

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