Finally I've got a snapshot. The build on AIX went OK except 2 issues (actually, I had them during previous builds but unfortunately didn't have time to report all details):

1) "Macro redefinition..." error  for FD_SET(n, p), FD_CLR(n, p),  FD_ISSET(n, p) and FD_ZERO(p)  in .../src/remote/inet.cpp
Exactly the same definitions for these macros exist on AIX in /sys/time.h, so I just embraced all 4 with corresponding #ifndef  / #endif to resolve the problem. In my understanding, it shouldn't hurt other platforms.

2) Error processing ./builds/posix/empty.vers file, like:
xlC_r  -q64 -gxlc -D_REENTRANT -bE:../builds/posix/empty.vers  -D_THREAD_SAFE   -blibpath:/usr/local/firebird/lib:/usr/local/firebird/intl:/usr/local/lib:/usr/lib:/lib -brtl ../temp/std/remote/server_stub.o -o ../gen/firebird/bin/fb_inet_server -L../gen/firebird/lib -lfbembed  -lm  -lpthreads
ld: 0706-027 The -x flag is ignored.
ld: 0711-151 SEVERE ERROR: EXPORTS: Invalid option name: VERSION
ld: 0711-151 SEVERE ERROR: EXPORTS: Invalid option name: SCRIPT
ld: 0711-418 ERROR: Import or export file ../builds/posix/empty.vers at line 24:
        A symbol name may only be followed by an export attribute
        or an address. The line is being ignored.
It looks like  xlC_r do not treat lines started with '#' as comments. I just removed these lines, but may be you know more elegant way to resolve it.

With my previous build, there was an issue in ./ with automake*/install-sh location, I had to change the path manually.  Now it seems to be fixed.
Tomorrow I'll try to run the build on HP

Thank you!

On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 6:22 PM, vv m <> wrote:
Hi Alex,

I can't get the snapshot, tried a few times but it takes forever to generate it.
I'll try again tomorrow morning EST time.


On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 6:57 AM, Alex Peshkoff <> wrote:
On 06/17/14 18:02, vv m wrote:
> I seems to be working with this patch.
> Thank you very much!

I've committed fixes for AIX into B2_5_Release. Can you check - does it
build on AIX?

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