FYI (I guess this would be Paul's territory??) :

I just upgraded to MacOSX 10.6 & xcode 3.2 which uses gcc 4.2.1.

the following code in mod_loader.cpp wouldn't compile. I changed it by adding braces.

aside from that issue, the rest of the code built with the usual warnings.


ModuleLoader::ModuleModuleLoader::loadModule(const Firebird::PathNamemodPath)
NSObjectFileImage image;

/* Create an object file image from the given path */
const NSObjectFileImageReturnCode retVal =
NSCreateObjectFileImageFromFile(modPath.c_str(), &image);
switch (retVal)
case NSObjectFileImageSuccess:
case NSObjectFileImageFailure:
debugPrint("object file setup failure");
return 0;
case NSObjectFileImageInappropriateFile:
        {     <----  ADDED BRACE HERE
// try to load as dynamic library
void* mod = dlopen(modPath.c_str(), RTLD_LAZY);
if (mod)
return FB_NEW(*getDefaultMemoryPool()) DarwinModule(NSModule(), mod);
debugPrint("not a Mach-O MH_BUNDLE file type or dynamic library");
return 0;
        }     <----  ADDED BRACE HERE
case NSObjectFileImageArch: