I've been trying to get the Firebird ADO.NET Provider to work in Visual Studio2013 in order to reverse engineer my Firebird database in EF6, but no matter how I go about installing, I keep getting "a ton of" different error messages and weird behavior. Many of these, I have later been able to eliminate by reinstalling my .Net versions.

I think maybe there were some configuration errors there, but that should be sorted out now. All .Net verification tests I have run says they're all OK.


I have messed around with both the MSI installers (NetProvider and DDEX  3.0.1) found on http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/net-provider/, and NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2013.

It seems to me that I needed to "manually" download the MSI installers for NetProvider and DDEX in order to get the Server Explorer connection to function in VStudio, and that the NuGet packages are only necessary for the project references?


Anyway; at this point, I have a situation where I can successfully add the database to the Server Explorer in VS, but when I try to "Update model from database" on an empty edmx file in my project, it says:

"Your project references the latest version of Entity Framework; however, an Entity Framework database provider compatible with this version could not be found for your data connection. Exit this wizard, install a compatible provider, and rebuild your project before performing this action." Above this text, the only option is "Entity Framework 6.0", and it is checked and disabled (as it's the only choice).

Viewing NuGet packages for project, I do have both the "EntityFramework" (v6.0.2) and "Firebird ADO.NET Data provider (Entity Framework 6)" (v6.0.2),  but anyhow it still says the NetProvider is not compatible with EF6? I have tried both .Net framework 4 and 4.5, but they both failed the same way.


I've scoured the net (and this list) in search of correct installation procedures, but have come up short so far...


Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?  This is really getting quite frustrating now…

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! J





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