Fire 0.32.g released

Fire 0.32.g is now available for download! Fire is a multi-protocol instant messenger client for Mac OS X based on freely available libraries for each service. Currently Fire handles AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Jabber, limited IRC, and Yahoo! Pager communications.

The primary purpose of this release is to support the new MSN protocol which was required as of the afternoon of 10/15/03. Special thanks to Andrew Wellington for providing the changes from Proteus to handle MSN's new authentication scheme.

Fire 0.32.g is a bug fix release. All users of 0.32.f and earlier are encouraged to update. It is a required update to work with MSN's latest protocol changes.

All 11 languages:

English only:

Source tarball (for developers):

This release's primary focus is to fix the blocking by MSN.


- Fixed double AM and PM (bug 813408) (gb)


- Fixed crash when icon directory didn't exist and couldn't be created. (gb)

- Upgraded to support MSNP8. Thanks much to Andrew Wellington for providing the
changes from Proteus' MSN plug-in. (jt/aw)
- Increased temp buffer size to 4K. (jt)
- Non-ASCII characters can be used when changing the nickname (bug 747061) (jt)

- Updated yahoo account settings to use new yahoo server name. (ah)

Posted by Jason Townsend 2003-10-16

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