Fire 0.32.e released

Fire 0.32.e is now available for download! Fire is a multi-protocol instant messenger client for Mac OS X based on freely available libraries for each service. Currently Fire handles AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Jabber, limited IRC, and Yahoo! Pager communications.

Many thanks to Alan for putting together this release and updating our Yahoo support on such a tight schedule. Also thanks to Lasse for the Danish localization update, and Graham for some additional bug fixes.

Fire 0.32.e is a bug fix release. All users of 0.32.d and earlier are encouraged to update.

All 11 languages:

English only:

Source tarball (for developers):

This release's primary focus is to fix the blocking by Yahoo. Fire has been under heavy development in the mean time, but much of the work is in an incomplete state and would not be a good canidate for release. A massive update is coming soon.


- Updated Danish translation from Lasse Jakobsen (lj/jt)
- Improved the responsiveness of typing within chat windows while the system is
under high CPU load (gb)
- Dramatically improved performance of parsing large formatted chat logs. (jt)
- typing notifications are stopped if you use cut to remove all the text (jt)
- Application icon's flames are no longer clipped at the top.
Thanks to Gabriel Radic for the update (gr/jt)
- Offline group count shows up properly now (jt)


- Fixed not coming back from away (gb)

- No longer does USERHOST on everyone in the channel immediately, which was
getting us kicked from some servers and leading to a crash (bug 596329) (jt)

- Updated to libyahoo2 v 0.7.1 ( (ah)
- New version of yahoo protocol was necessary because Yahoo! closed off
access to clients with old versions of the protocol as of 24 Sep 2003. (ah)
- Yahoo now uses improved socket handlers to reduce CPU consumption. (ah)

Posted by Jason Townsend 2003-09-23

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