Fire 0.32.c released

Fire 0.32.c is now available. This is primarily a bug fix release, with some localization updates.


Added Swedish localization and updated Russian localization.


- Fixed problem with chat windows not showing up when Fire is in
the background (bug 679333) (jt)
- Better handling of conversation browser autoresizing preference
(bug 652682) (jt)
- Hopefully fixed crashes when starting Fire on login
(although I could never reproduce this problem) (bug 533626) (jt)
- Chat Windows now support undo/redo. (nk) (feature 683364)
- Multiple buddy log on/off sounds are now consolidated. (nk) (bug 653839)
- Idle check is now less frequent while you are available,
which should hopefully reduce the constant cycling problem
reported on earlier versions (bug 662924) (jt)
- Better parsing of smileys with @ in them (bug 672484) (jt)


- Oscar is now on by default. You can still switch to TOC
using the Services pref. (jt)

- Sends carriage return, linefeed instead of
in multiline messages
(bug 679324) (jt)

- Fixed problem with crash when Yahoo was first connecting. (ah)
- Changed the order of fallback ports to try port 80 first to make it
faster for people behind a strict firewall to connect since most of those
allow port 80. (ah)

Posted by Jason Townsend 2003-02-23

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