On Aug 28, 2005, at 9:19 AM, Mark H. Anbinder wrote:
Morning, folks! Using the 1.5.4 pre-release version as suggested, and I'm not sure I'm seeing any better handling of Google Talk authorization of buddies who want to talk to me. I'm still getting the "___ wants to subscribe you" alert, and clicking the "accept" (or whatever) button still doesn't seem to accomplish anything.

Moreover, if I try to open a chat to a Google Talk user, Fire claims they're not online but it will try sending anyway so they can read the messages later. In one case it seemed to reflect my message back to me:

 Jabber: Sending offline messages, they will be received when the user connects again.
 mhaithaca@gmail.com: Morning! How'd the weekend go?
 foo: Morning! How'd the weekend go?

I think I read somewhere that Google Talk does not support offline messages. This is atypical of Jabber servers in general... there may be some way to detect this but I'm not sure.

People aren't showing up reliably, if at all, in my buddy list.

Could you do the following?

1) In Terminal, run:

% defaults write Fire JabberProtocolLogging YES

2) Log in to Google Talk in Fire and reproduce one of your problems.

3) Send the contents of the Fire console to fire-core@lists.sourceforge.net, noting that you should remove your password from the log since it is sent in the clear within the SSL session.

The protocol logging was something I just added when I was implementing typing notifications using chat states which is what the Google Talk client uses. Note that any information you send to us will not be used in any way other than to debug your problem.

Perhaps then we can get to the bottom of your problems.