#687 Set status automatically if some apps running

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Ilgaz Ocal


I think the only good thing MSN Messenger for win32 invented is
to set status to busy when user is viewing something fullscreen.

First, I thought it should be implemented to mac but I think its
either hard or useless to detect fullscreen mode. BTW it doesn't
"know" whether person just views a 10 sec movie fullscreen so it
auto sets to busy bothering the contact list (is away, is back etc)

I have a better idea :)

If user is running a certain application, it should detect it running
(linked apps launcher here does, guess not hard) and set the
status to busy or away.

E.g., if user launches DVD player of os x, I don't think him/her will
be available. Instead of manually setting status to busy, "watching
movie" etc, it should auto set to application name minus the .app
and set the status to busy.

Or, games. You know recent ones does have "alt tab" or blizzards
ones have Apple+M capability but nobody really chats with other
people in middle of war or something :)

So, if I put a list of Applications to a certain preference (preferably
advanced?), when I start to play ww2 online, ww2 online.app
launches and my status is set to "busy" stating "ww2 online"

I have "Linked applications launcher" here (a shareware, check vt)
so I know its rather easy to detect what application is running.
That thing uses a bit cpu since it looks "what application is

English is not my native language so feel free to contact/feedback
if I couldn't express this idea. (as usual :))


  • Ilgaz Ocal

    Ilgaz Ocal - 2005-07-18
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Graham Booker

    Graham Booker - 2005-12-10
    • status: open --> closed

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