Ian Brandt - 2005-03-14

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I 2nd that. After switching from iChat the buddy list in
Fire seems crowded and unpolished. Firefox uses a similar 2
line table row with alternating background in the Downloads
window, so the use of the style outside of iChat is not
unprecedented. This style allows you to see the Idle time
or Away message on the second line, which is a lot slicker
than having "Idle" and "Away" repeated numerous times in the
status column for each buddy. This style also allows for
larger buddy icons. Currently the icons are too small to
render well.

Ideally I'd think the buddylist would be converted to a
style-able web view just like the chat window. An iChat
style would be easy to implement, as would just about any
other look. I'm not sure I could do such a patch in the
amount of time I have to offer this. I might be able write
a patch that'd tweak the existing table view to look more
like iChat though, if that is desired?