#427 Text to Speech volume control


anyway we can get the speech section to control the voulme of
speech out from Fire?

Currently speech out is so loud, that it makes it difficult to match
with other things that have sound notifications...


  • Jason Townsend

    Jason Townsend - 2003-04-24

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    Might make sense to do in the new prefs.

  • Jason Townsend

    Jason Townsend - 2003-04-24
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  • Paul Borokhov

    Paul Borokhov - 2005-01-15

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    I would like to add that this is another crucial feature
    missing in Fire. The general sound output volume selector
    does NOT affect speech, and even iChat has an option to
    control speech volume output. Ideally, it would make sense
    to put the volume slider under the Speech tab, under the pitch.

  • Jeffry Engert

    Jeffry Engert - 2005-03-10

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    if you know what your doing:
    in the file SUSpeaker.m go to line 170 or so

    in the if statement add these two lines
    Fixed MyVolume = 0.25 * 65536.0;
    SetSpeechInfo(_speechChannel, soVolume, &MyVolume);

  • Paul Borokhov

    Paul Borokhov - 2005-07-21

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    Just an update on this - a recent Fire update claimed that
    Speech volume output is now equivalent to the general sound
    output selected in the slider.
    However, this is not entirely correct. The speech used for
    alerts - for example, when a buddy logs on - has the correct
    volume. HOWEVER, the speech used in IM windows, i.e. when
    IMs from a buddy are spoken, is still annoyingly loud.
    Please......please fix this.


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