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Some Future Release
Eric Peyton

it would be nice to be able to set status for each service separately for some users.


  • Alan Humpherys

    Alan Humpherys - 2003-02-08
    • milestone: --> Some Future Release
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This would be great. Its actually a big deal for me. Would love it
    if you guys could add this feature.

  • Alan Humpherys

    Alan Humpherys - 2003-09-30

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    From: Peter Aronson <lists@getfearless.com>
    Date: Thu Sep 25, 2003 2:26:35 PM US/Mountain
    To: <fire-core@lists.sourceforge.net>
    Subject: Re: [Fire-core] Fire feature request

    Here are ways I think you could simply set status separately:

    1. Add various status options to the contextual menu that appear
    when you
    control-click on an individual account in the Buddies window. The
    people who
    control-click tend to be advanced users anyway. I think this is a
    clean and
    simple way to add a feature that many advanced users would


    2. You could change the format of the status menu so that instead
    of saying
    Away, Busy, etc. it could read something like this:

    Make All Accounts Available
    Make All Accounts Busy
    Make All Accounts Away

    Make [Highlighted Account] Available
    Make [Highlighted Account] Busy
    Make [Highlighted Account] Away

    Edit Status Messages...

  • Peter A.

    Peter A. - 2004-11-16

    Logged In: YES

    When is this going to happen? It seems It should be easy
    enough, right? We currently have the option of Connect to
    All / Disconnect to All or to connect/disconnect a specific
    account by right-clicking on it. You could just include the
    status option in the right-click (CTRL-click) context menu.

  • Graham Booker

    Graham Booker - 2005-12-05

    Logged In: YES

    Available through applescript in the upcoming version 2.0, and will be done in
    the UI at some later point.


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