#144 FAQ states "Apple Installer misses a file". R U Kidding?


Attempted to install Fink Commander's "Umbrello" from source on an existing MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo with working Xcode 2.4.1 and X11 stops when detecting my existing X11 Apple install and advises I visit "http://fink.sourceforge.net/faq/usage-packages.php#apple-x11-wants-xfree86" for configuration information.

The anchor "#apple-x11-wants-xfree86" does not appear to be valid.
FAQ "Q9.11: I installed Apple's X11 but Fink keeps asking to install XFree86 or X.org." appears to be the closest to the issue.

Search for 2 instances of "misses".

Do you seriously want me to believe that the Apple X11 installer "misses" a file and that I must "keep doing this" (i.e. keep reinstalling X11SDK)? Or even that the Fink "Apple" installer misses a file (if I have misread this)?

fink list -i system-xfree86
i system-xfree86 2:4.4-2 [placeholder for user installed x11]
i system-xfree86-dev 2:4.4-2 [placeholder for user installed x11 development tools]
i system-xfree86-shlibs 2:4.4-2 [placeholder for user installed x11 shared libraries]

Does this mean these 3 packages are installed? Or that this is the place they will be installed when they are correctly installed?

I installed the http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/fink/Fink-0.8.1-Intel-Installer.dmg?download which reports 17931120 bytes size on disk. How do I verify 17510 KB or how about an MD5 hash?

How does this version compare to "fink (>=0.18.3-1)"? Am I looking at the right application?

If the Apple installer "misses a file", please open a bug report at https://bugreport.apple.com/

fink list -i someOtherPackages
appears to reply with a version when the GUI also has in installed version, so it would seem that I have the system-xfree86* packages.

Just for grins, I installed a binary (lincity). It appears to have installed, but I don't see how to launch it. The docs say the command is lincity or xlincity, but I only find directories named lincity -- no executable.

This is my first attempt at using Fink. I had heard good things.


  • monipol

    monipol - 2009-11-08

    This appears to be a Fink, not FinkCommander, issue.
    FinkCommander just provides a graphical interface for Fink,
    which does all the work of downloading and installing packages.
    You should try the Fink documentation page at
    for an answer to your question. If you can't find the
    information you need there, you can try a message to the
    fink-users or fink-beginners mailing list.

  • monipol

    monipol - 2009-11-08
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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