#4852 scotch graph partitioning library

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This is a translation of the homebrew build script for scotch 6.0.4.
It builds successfully with 'fink -m rebuild'.

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  • Daniel Macks

    Daniel Macks - 2016-12-11

    Minor: you don't need to BuildDepends:fink(>=0.24.12); that version of fink is many years old, and no system currently supported by fink has ever supported fink any older than that.

    Looking at the linux packaging of the previous version (5.1.something), they include (as that source's own makefiles would have done) the major or maybe major.minor) in the install_name. That's pretty important for interface stability (something homebrew does not guarantee but other packaging systems including fink do)...an important aspect of keeping this package from causing others to break in the future. It looks like the version 6 release no longer has any native build support for shared libraries, which seems like a bug to me.

    Also I see that the original makefiles include inter-linking among some of the libraries, something that got lost when upstream dropped shared-library support. That's probably why -undefined dynamic_lookup is needed, and it's another aspect that makes this packging of the libraries harder to use. See for example MacPorts's makefile patches at https://trac.macports.org/browser/trunk/dports/science/scotch/files/patch-libscotch-shared.diff

    Looking at the files in "scotch", there are headers and also a bunch of binaries. Are the bin/ files used as compiler tools for writing/compiling programs for the libscotch suite of libraries, or are they independent runtime programs for dealing with graphs?

  • Daniel Macks

    Daniel Macks - 2016-12-11
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