#4325 djvulibre update to


This is an update of djvulibre to the latest upstream

Principal changes:

  1. djview has been split off by upstream into a new package: djview. This eliminates the qt and xmkmf dependencies here.
  2. Dependencies were modernized.
  3. librsvg2-bin added as a BDep because it is used to generate .png files
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Package Submissions: #3657


  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    djview package.

    djview has been separated from djvulibre and is now a stand alone Qt4 program.

    This package now contains the djview (now djview4) program and the browser plugin. It is made to Replaces: the old djvulibre pkg (<= 3.5.24) that contained djview3 and the plugin.

  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    • summary: dvjulibre update to --> djvulibre update to
  • Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson - 2014-05-31
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
    • Group: Awaiting_OK_from_Maintainer --> Added_to_Fink
  • Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson - 2014-05-31

    This has been here for a year and DRM hasn't had time for fink in a while so I'm committing it. The old one had a dep on qt3 which hasn't been buildable for some time (though it should be fixed now). We should try to kill the remaining qt3 packages.


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