#4293 openblas-0.2.6-1


The proposed packaging for openblas provides another alternative for blas/lapack (which the scipy developers intend to use on Darwin as a replacement for the broken Accelerate framework). The packaging installs the headers in an openblas subdirectory and a libopenblas_core2p-r0.2.6.dylib which avoids any conflict with the system headers and libraries. Tested with 'fink -m' on 10.7. Note that while the build auto detects the number of cores available the target processor is set to Core2 for compatibility across machines.


  • Jack Howarth

    Jack Howarth - 2013-06-13

    Info file for openblas-0.2.6-1

  • Alexander Hansen

    I've been meaning to give this a test, but I keep getting distracted. I'll try for this weekend.

  • Alexander Hansen

    Yeah, I dropped the ball here :-( . If there's no file overlap with other packages I don't see any reason not to add it.

  • Jack Howarth

    Jack Howarth - 2013-12-07

    The need to add this package has subsided as upstream scipy has abandoned switching to openblas on darwin as the failures with Accelerate framework are now understood and fixed in the Accelerate framework shipping with Mavericks. Note that this package has odd so versioning which embeds the cpu/fpu options in the dylib names. So if we do eventually add it, perhaps it should be reworked to be more like atlas and configure for full optimization on the given hardware rather than dumbing down the build to the most generic hardware.


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