#4205 whysynth 20120903


Does this package have OS version restrictions? no
Which section does it belong in? sound
Have you built it with -m --build-as-nobody? yes

dpkg -L whysynth


  • adrian

    adrian - 2012-09-15
  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    New version builds fine. Have a couple issues to address:

    1) Several of the versioned dependencies got downgraded in this submission. For example, freetype219-shlibs went from 2.3.8-1 in CVS to 2.3.7-4 here, though more importantly is that fontconfig2-dev lost the versioning altogether. This one is critical because a user could have an old version of fontconfig2-dev installed that did not place the headers in a standard position and would cause the whysynth build to fail. If there was no reason for the downgrade besides divergence between CVS and your git, I can manually fix things before committing to CVS.

    2) Can the package be updated to use libgettext8 and libpng14 or 15? Fink is trying to phase out libgettext3 and libpng3 and so updating packages to use the higher library versions whenever possible simplifies things.


  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    • milestone: 373615 --> Awaiting_Update_from_Submitter

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