#3945 Fraise Package


Does this package have OS version restrictions? Yes. 10.6.
Which section does it belong in? text
Have you built it with -m --build-as-nobody? Yes.


  • Kalyan Tella

    Kalyan Tella - 2011-03-22

    Fraise text editor

  • Alexander Hansen

    You claim that the package is for 10.6 only. Why is this so?

    And if it really is supposed to be for 10.6 only, it needs to have a Distribution: 10.6 tag.

  • Alexander Hansen

    We prefer that packages are downloaded from their original sources whenever possible rather than being hosted elsewhere.

  • Alexander Hansen

    More to the point, there appears to be source available. Why are you just repackaging the binary?

  • Alexander Hansen

    I'm checking for opinions from the Fink developer list

  • Alexander Hansen

    The consensus opinion is that Fink isn't interested in repackaging other people's binaries, except in a few special cases. Since the source code is available, then in principle the package could be built from source, which would be acceptable.

  • Alexander Hansen

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  • Alexander Hansen

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    Thank you.

  • Alexander Hansen

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