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Octaviz is a visualization addon to octave. I have performed a validated install with this info file.

There is still something a little buggy with the shared library: the validator didn't like it, even though I put an entry in the Shlibs field (see the FIXME note in the info file). Also, DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH needs to be used for the library to be found. I suspect the problem is not with fink but with octaviz itself, but I don't understand enough about Mac OS X libraries to debug this. Any help here is welcome.


  • Jonathan Stickel


  • Jonathan Stickel

    updated octaviz.info

  • Jonathan Stickel

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    As reported on the octaviz-help email list:

    > Thanks a lot, it now works fine on Leopard (10.5.2) ! Built with octave
    > 3.0.0-4, vtk-py25 5.0.4-2 and octaviz 0.4.7-1. FYI: had just to tweak
    > the Distribution: 10.4 line as well as the fink dep > 0.28 in the
    > octaviz.info file for fink to like it.

    I have updated the info file with new Distribution and Dependency lines and attached it.
    File Added: octaviz.info

  • David Fang

    David Fang - 2011-06-09

    This looks like an interesting package. When I tried to build this, vtk-py25 (dep) failed validation. I'll try to bump the deps to vtk56. If this validates, would you like me to list you (jjstickel) as maintainer?

  • David Fang

    David Fang - 2011-06-09
    • milestone: --> 373615
    • assigned_to: nobody --> fangism
  • Jonathan Stickel

    I switched to Macports long ago. Also, Octaviz has been abandoned. It does not work with VTK >5.0.

  • David Fang

    David Fang - 2011-06-13

    Ok, thanks for the feedback. Might revisit this after vtk-pyXX is fixed.

  • David Fang

    David Fang - 2011-06-13
    • milestone: 373615 --> Awaiting_Dependency

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