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#1019 matplotlib - please update to new version

Rick Page

At your convenience, can the Fink package for matplotlib be updated to reflect the most recent version(matplotlib-1.0.1)?

The current Fink package for matplotlib listed in the package database is matplotlib-1.0.0, however there is a new version available. Updating to the new version is greatly needed as the pylab frontend is broken on x86_64 for matplotlib-1.0.0 (behavior noted in the package info file and observed in my installation). According to the release notes for matplotlib-1.0.1, a comment by "mdehoon" indicates that this bug has been fixed and that pylab for matplotlib-1.0.1 works under x86_64 on Macs.

The up-to-date version of matplotlib can be found at:

I attempted to contact the package maintainer through SF but have not received a response.

Thank you.


  • Rick Page

    Rick Page - 2011-05-11
    • summary: matplotlib --> matplotlib - please update to new version
  • Alexander Hansen

    You might also want to try the maintainer's email.

    He's generally receptive to changes when his schedule commits.

  • Alexander Hansen

    • assigned_to: nobody --> goatbar
  • Alexander Hansen

    ping for maintainer

  • Kurt Schwehr

    Kurt Schwehr - 2011-06-14
    • status: open --> closed
  • Kurt Schwehr

    Kurt Schwehr - 2011-06-14

    Update completed.

  • Kurt Schwehr

    Kurt Schwehr - 2011-06-14
    • status: closed --> closed-accepted

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