On 2/28/10 4:38 PM, Pranay Airan wrote:
can you tell me for what we use --build-as-nobody what is this option for?

and why it is necessary to install like this before submitting the package on fink?

My port is getting installed when i am typing fink -m rebuild cilk (without --build-as-nobody) can i submit it on fink? or should i try --build-as-nobody?

--build-as-nobody is used to make sure that packages don't install files directly into the file system rather than into the directory which is used to create the .deb package.  We allow packages that don't pass --build-as-nobody, but try to get that to work.

On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 11:08 PM, Martin Costabel <costabel@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
Pranay Airan wrote:
Here is what i am getting by typing fink dumpinfo -fenv cilk

s-raos-mac-mini-3:~ srao$ fink dumpinfo -fenv cilk
Scanning package description files..........
Information about 270 packages read in 0 seconds.

Is something missing?

No, quite the opposite: You have a decent PERL5LIB there, and I don't understand why fink then should complain about not finding Fink/Services.pm in @INC. Weird.


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