#244 fink should provide an '--orphans' option for its 'list' command


Fink should support an '--orphans' option to its 'list' command that mirrors the functionality of 'package-cleanup --orphans' command in yum. Executing 'fink list --orphans' would emit a list of packages installed which are no listed in the virtual package set nor listed among the packages buildable with the current package file set. Adding this functionality would provide a nice way for users to prune out packages that have been depreciated out of the 10.9-libc++ package set but are still installed on their machine after upgrading from the 10.7 package set.


  • Alexander Hansen

    How is this different than "fink list -N"?

  • Jack Howarth

    Jack Howarth - 2015-11-15

    For users looking for the --orphaned functionality, the existing documentation is a little unclear as...

                       Show packages whose installed version is newer than anything fink knows about.

    is focused on finding which installed packages are newer than described in the existing package set. It would be nice to have a permutation of that command (initially just as an alias of the exisitng -N option) which would be explictly described as listing those packages not present in the existing fink package set.

  • Alexander Hansen

    OK, so it's no different, since "newer than the existing package set" encompasses packages which aren't present in that set.
    Since we already use -o for "outdated", I'd rather just change the help documentation to add something like "including packages which are no longer present in the current distribution" rather than adding an additional flag.

    Last edit: Alexander Hansen 2015-11-15
    • Alexander Hansen

      A feature branch on github (https://github.com/fink/fink/pull/127) produces the following change in 'fink list --help' (and a similar one regarding the *i* status.

      -N, --newer          - Only list packages whose installed version is newer
                               than anything fink knows about, including packages
                               which have been removed from the distribution.
      Last edit: Alexander Hansen 2015-11-16

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