#236 Fink should generate error summaries


Feature request 644117 (from 2002) noted that "a lot of questions/problems on the list are about install failures." Seven years later, this is still true. Instead of making suggestions after failure (as the author of 644117 requested), I think it would be more useful if fink would automatically provide output that the user could easily submit to the list for reliable troubleshooting. This output most likely would minimally include:

1) Fink version (which I believe 'fink -V' already does)
2) OS version/Architecture
3) Original fink command
4) Clear directions for the user of what to copy and submit to the list including the correct destination email address

Additionally, it would be ideal if this output could include the actual command that resulted in the error and the error output from the command.

I recognize that this last part might be difficult to provide, but its inclusion would greatly assist the novice user (of which there are many!). Most such users cannot determine what portion of the fink output constitutes executed commands, and what is result information.

Automatically generating this information at the end of a failed fink run would make problem-solving much more efficient, and eliminate many of the messages that clog the lists.


  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    The error reports (as of fink-0.30.2) have been improved to include clearer instructions for filing a bug report email.

    #1, #2, #4 are currently included in the outout. #3 is not. Getting the actual faulty command automatically is probably damn near impossible given the huge variety of methods by which a build can fail. I'm closing this since it no longer really applies to the current state of the fink tool. Feel free to open a new Bugs or Feature Requests item that further builds upon the current state of the build crash error text. Thanks,

  • Hanspeter Niederstrasser

    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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