#1562 php5 fails during configure


> fink --version
Package manager version: 0.28.5
Distribution version: selfupdate-rsync Mon Sep 1 19:51:09 2008, 10.4, powerpc

> fink info php5

> sw_vers
ProductName: Mac OS X
ProductVersion: 10.4.11
BuildVersion: 8S165

While executing "fink install php5", I get the following output:

checking for ncurses support... no
checking for Oracle (OCI8) support... no
checking for unixODBC support... yes, shared
checking whether to enable pcntl support... no
checking whether to enable PDO support... yes, shared
configure: error:
Due to the way that loadable modules work on OSX/Darwin, you need to
compile the PDO package statically into the PHP core.

Please follow the instructions at: http://netevil.org/node.php?nid=202
for more detail on this issue.

### execution of /var/tmp/tmp.1.2pEcG6 failed, exit code 1
Removing runtime build-lock...
Removing build-lock package...
/sw/bin/dpkg-lockwait -r fink-buildlock-php5-5.2.6-1
(Reading database ... 87380 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing fink-buildlock-php5-5.2.6-1 ...
Failed: phase compiling: php5-5.2.6-1 failed


  • monipol

    monipol - 2009-03-13

    As php5 is a maintained package, we'd like to ask you to contact the maintainer (Justin F. Hallett <thesin@users.sourceforge.net>) directly with regard to this issue. fink info shows the name and e-mail address of the maintainer.

  • monipol

    monipol - 2009-03-14
    • assigned_to: nobody --> thesin
  • monipol

    monipol - 2009-10-06

    What is the status of this item?


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