`Bugs' and `Feature Requests' Set Up In Tracker

I have set up the following catagories for `Bugs':

Installation - problems with install.
Reports Error on Valid Code - compiler reports errors in a valid source file.
Bad Code Generated - generated C code won't compile or produces incorrect results.
Crash or Fault - compiler crashes, core dumps, segmentation faults, or otherwise terminates abnormally.
Library - problems in one of the library classes.
Documentation - error in documentation (what documentation? :-)

And I have set up the following catagories for `Feature Requests':

Language - a new feature in the language.
Library Class - a new library class.
Feature in Library Class - add a new feature to an existing library class.
New CPU/OS/Compiler - add support for a new CPU, operating system or compiler.

Please send any other suggestions for catagories to me at: jsedwards@users.sourceforge.net.


Posted by J. Scott Edwards 2001-03-06

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