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FindBugs and Sonar

Mike Viens
  • Mike Viens

    Mike Viens - 2012-02-21

    I have what I hope is a simple question, but I have been unable to find any way to do it.  I am using Sonar and have configured my rules for FindBugs within it.  Because the SonarEclipse plugin does not perform real-time analysis, I have installed FindBugs into Eclipse.  However, I do not see any way to have FindBugs use the “permalink” provided by Sonar so that the FindBugs plugin can use the exact same rules.  Am I missing something or is it not currently supported?  If not, could you please consider this a huge request to add this feature? The Eclipse plugin for Checkstyle does support this feature and it is incredibly helpful and convenient. 


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