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  • Alcib

    Alcib - 2007-01-26


    I'm currently testing a lot of code analyser tools on industrial sized project.
    I'm experiencing an odd bug on one of the project :
    The line numbers are not given, and the link is broken.
    I've verified that it is not a gui problem, the informations are not in the XML either (no start or end attributes).
    The project has 657 classes with a total of 70 000 code lines.
    I've built it with java 1.5 and put it in a jar. I'm running findbugs with java 1.5.

    For a little example project, I don't encounter any problems, but on this one, the line numbers are absent, although the source is linked (in the gui, the correct file is open, bt at the incorrect place).

    Do you know where that can come from ?

    Thanks in advance


    • Dhiraj Bokde

      Dhiraj Bokde - 2007-01-30

      Hi Greg,

      Sounds like the classes have been compiled without debug information. Check the build script if using ant to see if it's turning off the debug flag in the javac task. Or look for -g:none flag if using the javac command.

      Try javac -help for more info on the -g option.



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