FindBugs does not show up in Eclipse 3.1.0

Ah Bo Bo
  • Ah Bo Bo

    Ah Bo Bo - 2004-09-23

    I have been trying to get FindBugs to show up in my Eclipse, but no success.  After I extracted the two zip files into the plugins directory under Eclipse, they do show up as plugins when I go to Eclipse -> Help -> About.  However, it doesn't show up as one of the project properties.  I tried several different versions of FindBugs, and I tried them on several different builds of Eclipse 3.0, and now 3.1.0 M1, but it just wouldn't show up in my project properties.  Anyone encountered the same problem?  I looked at the log files for Eclipse and don't really see any FindBugs exception or anything. 

    • Greg

      Greg - 2005-04-06

      When can we expect a 3.1 compatible release of this plugin?  Sorry to hassle, but FindBugs has some really good reviews and I'd like to use it.


    • Fabio Da Soghe

      Fabio Da Soghe - 2005-06-27

      I have installed FindBugs Plugin 0.0.15 onto Eclipse 3.1M6 (shipped with WTP1.0M4) and it works fine for me.
      Please note I installed the plugin version of FindBugs (file name and not the main distribution (file name findbugs-0.9.1). I am able to execute findbugs from the contextual menu (right-click on the project name in the package explorer -> Find Bugs): this scan my project and collect bugs which I can read from the "Problem" view (but you have to activate the FindBugs filter in the filters view in order to actually see them).
      I also can see the FindBugs property in the project properties window.
      Hope this help.

      Fabio Da Soghe

    • Hari Velugoti

      Hari Velugoti - 2005-06-29

      I have submitted a bug (#1228546) indicating the Eclipse 3.1 issue with Findbugs. No matter what I tried (including changing the Filter option mentioned in the above post), I can't get Findbugs to show me a window. IT IS writing a list to my disk, but that's very hard to read and doesn't help me much.

      Just a FYI.


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