Some questions about 0.9.5 version

  • Grzegorz Slowikowski


    I want to submit ibiblio FindBugs 0.9.5 upload boundles for Maven2. I'm novice with your product. First I made projects and compiled from source to find the dependencies between modules (jars). I have some questions:

    1. I don't know, what version od bcel are you using. Is it from bcel svn trunk? bcel depends on regexp, and you don't have regexp.jar in your distribution. Does it mean that FindBugs does not use bcel code that requires regexp?

    2. What is coreplugin.jar for? It contains classes from "edu....findbugs.detect" package but depends on classes from other packages, so requires findbugs.jar to work. findbugs.jar contains all classes from "detect" package too. So what is this redundancy for?

    3. findbugs.jar contains classes from "anttask" package, but without "" file. findbugs-ant.jar contains it all. Is this redundancy intended?

    4. What is annotations.jar for? When is it used?

    Your answers will help me prepare proper Maven2 projects files (poms) for your libraries.

    Thank you


    • Brian Cole

      Brian Cole - 2006-03-24

      1. We're using BCEL 5.1.

      2. FindBugs runs the detectors it finds in its plugin directory. coreplugin.jar contains the standard FindBugs detectors. You may choose to also place 2nd- or 3rd-party jar files in the plugin directory. I suppose you could even removed coreplugin.jar to run only the 2nd- and 3rd-party detectors, though I haven't tried it.
      see <>

      3. Well findbugs.jar contains all the project's class files, and findbugs-ant.jar contains what it needs to be used externally, including So it's not so much "intended" as just how it worked out.

      4. annotations.jar contains some annotation classes that some FindBugs detectors can recognize. Developers may choose to use annotations.jar as a library for their own projects so they can use these annotations.

      I hope these answers make sense.

      • domruf

        domruf - 2006-09-05


        where can I find a documantation of the annotations.jar?
        How can I use it?

    • Brian Cole

      Brian Cole - 2006-03-24

      Please excuse the typos in my post.

      Also, I forgot to answer part of your first question. If what you say is true, we must not be using the parts of BCEL that depend on regexp.jar.

      FindBugs does use regular expressions on occasion, but it uses the java.util.regex package introduced with JDK 1.4.

    • Brian Cole

      Brian Cole - 2006-09-21
    • Brian Cole

      Brian Cole - 2006-09-21

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