Filters 1.7 (2006_03)

We are pleased to announce this release of 'Filters' version 1.7, codename 2006_03.

'FiltersTest' is a friendly user interface to explore our open source library 'Filters' : 'Filters' is a image processing library for industrial and scientific use.
Here some process you can do with 'Filters' :
sobel,convolution,morphology,vectorization,segmentation,blob,blur,histogram,susan,threshold,texture,contrast,standard deviation,canny,distance map,polygonalisation by douglas-peuker or sklansky-gonzales,contour,edge,adust contrast/brightness,extract part image with a powerfull cutter(grid based or blob based),rotation,median,logPolar,correlation,repositioning,...

Thanks to it's ANSI C interface, Filters is usable in many languages including C, C++, VB, C#, Delphi, Java and also in common scripting languages such as Perl, Python, PHP, TCL or Ruby.

This version of 'Filters' core library include :
- filterCorrelation : correction of bug 'div by zero'
- filterBlobExplorer : add output image 'imageBlobIndex'
- FiltersTest : add drag and drop image files to load
- filterBlobGrouping : new filter added
- filterGranularityExplorer : correction of bug 'différence horizontale non calculée'
- filtersDll : change API of getOutputImages
function getOutputImages(const aHandle : Integer; const aName : PChar) : ArrayOfPBitmap32;
function getOutputImages(const aHandle : Integer; const aName : PChar) : PArrayOfPBitmap32;
- filtersTest : correction of viewtool 3D : image was shifted
- filterStandardDeviation : add parameter 'showOnlyROI'
- filtersDll : change API of getOutputPointers
function getOutputPointers(const aHandle : Integer; const aName : PChar) : ArrayOfPointers;
function getOutputPointers(const aHandle : Integer; const aName : PChar) : PArrayOfPointers;
- filterExplorer : add parameter 'precision'
- filterArithmeticConstantAdd : now constant can be negative (from -255 to +255)
- filterTest : Explorer : correction error on increment of scrollbar x and y; and add textbox to show x and y
- filterTest : add viewer tool 'Explorer'
- filterBlobExplorer : add parameter 'ignoreBlobsOnImageEdges'
- filterBlobExplorer : remove optimisation : use real Intensity in place of only the Blue RGB component part
- filterBlobRepositioning2 : correction bug in extractBlobRealImage (case when blobs is null after the rotation)
- filterBlobRepositioning2 : add parameter 'backgroundColor'
- filterDll : filter parameter Integer use integer on 64bits in place of 32bits
- filterDll : add mask functions
- filterDll : add filter 'filterImageCreator'
- filterDll : add function 'getParameterHelp'
- filterMorphology : add custom structuredElement
- filtersDll : correction of drawDisk, and add antialiasing parameter

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Posted by edurand 2006-03-19

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